Providing single point lubricators for bearing.

We are a company providing single point lubricators for bearing and maintenance.

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About us

GreaseMax® is a chemically operated automatic lubricator

It is designed to be screwed into the bearing grease nipple seating, or onto an extension line, and to feed lubricant at a CONSTANT RATE for a SET PERIOD of time.

GreaseMax® is designed to operate for a set period of time.  There are 4 operating periods; 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.  After the service time has elapsed, the unit is replaced with a new unit.

Because it is self regulating it should be used in conjunction with the plant maintenance scheduling.  Therefore changeovers of the GreaseMax® can be planned and carried out at set periods.

GreaseMax® operation is simple and trouble free.  Quite frequently its capabilities are not at first appreciated because of its simplicity.

GreaseMax® can be used anywhere; on most applications, both large and small, even underwater.

simple and trouble free

Product Advantages

GreaseMax® uses only very high grade lubricants chosen for their performance and suitability for use in GreaseMax®.

Cost savings

Direct cost savings over manual greasing. Direct cost savings by reducing the necessity to stop machinery and production for lubrication.

Maintenance advantages

Lubrication occurs when the plant is in operation when it is of the most benefit. Constant replenishment of new grease, which minimizes bearing wear.

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